Our second album ‘Wait For Me’ is out now! Listen to the singles ‘I Won’t Let You Down’, ‘Blood Crawls’, ‘Loveless’ and other songs on your favorite streamingservice, YouTube, iTunes or somewhere else!

Our first album was released in 2018. The album got great reviews and “Dead Man on the Payroll” was chosen as the Best Song of 2018 by the Dutch Indie Chart. Single “Heavy” was featured in the New Friday NL playlist and was in the Viral 50 for weeks.

You can buy the both albums now! For example at BandCamp (see link below), or iTunes, or by sending an email to We’ve also started a POSTCARD CAMPAIGN, so if you wanna receive old fashioned mail from us you can use the same email-address to send YOUR home address.

Thanks for sharing and keep listening!


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all postponed due to covid-19 🙁

heavy - hot punch front

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Blood Crawls

Dead Man On The Payroll